Advanced Resources is a research pioneer on the topics of worldwide unconventional gas resources, enhanced recovery and CO2 storage with work on this topic for U.S. DOE starting in 1980. We have applied our vast in-depth technical knowledge and expertise in support of unconventional gas development around the world, from Australia to Zimbabwe.

  • During the past two decades, Advanced Resources has conducted extensive R&D and project work on the geology, engineering, economics, and environmental impacts of development in shale oil and unconventional gas (gas shales, coalbed methane and tight sands), plays and basins through the world.
  • Advanced Resources has conducted numerous comprehensive and rigorous studies for the enhanced recovery of coalbed methane, shale oil and gas and depleted oil reservoirs in high-interest areas that build upon our proprietary reservoir data, recovery predictive models, and cost and economic models.
  • Our firm has examined CO2 storage opportunities for over 50 power plants and other industrial facilities, ranging from regional studies to identify geologically favorable settings and estimate CO2 storage capacity and utilization in oil fields; to more detailed site-specific studies to determine specific well locations, geologic storage project development plans and project feasibility assessments.

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25 Years of Service to the Oil Industry