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Advanced Resources Completes “World Shale Gas and Shale Oil Resource Assessment”

The study, “World Shale Gas and Shale Oil Resource Assessment”, performed by Advanced Resources International (ARI) with sponsorship of the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), targeted 95 shale basins and 137 shale formations in 41 countries (excluding the U.S.).   For purposes of completeness, we have also provided information from  ARI’s proprietary data base of U.S. shale gas and shale oil resources.

Shale Gas Resources.  We identified a risked, technically recoverable shale gas resource base of 6,634 Tcf, ex. the U.S.  Adding U.S. shale gas resource raises the technically recoverable shale gas resource base to 7,795 Tcf.

Shale Oil Resources.  The 2013 EIA/ARI report also included an assessment of world shale oil resources.  We identified a risked, technically recoverable shale oil resource base of 287 billion barrels, ex. the U.S.  Adding U.S. shale oil resources raises the technically recoverable shale oil resource base to 335 billion barrels.

World Shale Gas and Shale Oil Resources

Technically Recoverable


Technically Recoverable

Shale Gas Resources


Shale Oil Resources



(Billion Barrels)

1. U.S.



1. Russia


2. China



2. U.S.


3. Argentina



3. China


4. Algeria



4. Argentina


5. Canada



5. Libya


6. Mexico



6. Australia


7. Australia



7. Venezuela


8. South Africa



8. Mexico


9. Russia



9. Pakistan


10. Brazil



10. Canada


11. Others



11. Others







For a copy of the ARI Executive Summary chapter CLICK HERE.   For  a copy of the full report, CLICK HERE.  For access to  individual country chapters, please use menu to the right.

For more information, please contact Mr. Vello Kuuskraa (vkuuskraa@adv-res.com ), Mr. Scott Stevens (sstevens@adv-res.com ) or Mr. Keith Moodhe  E: (kmoodhe@adv-res.com), P: (703) 528-8420.

The EIA website provides an introduction and additional summary, as well as the full report and can be accessed: HERE

EIA/ARI World Shale Gas and Shale Oil Resource Assessment

Full Report

Executive Summary and Results

Individual chapters: Executive Summary and Study Results, Study MethodologyI. CanadaII. Mexico, III. Australia, IV. N. South America, V. Argentina, VI. Brazil, VII. Other  S. South America, VIII. Poland (Including Lithuania and Kaliningrad), IX. Russia, X. Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine)XI. United Kingdom, XII. Spain, XIII. Northern and Western Europe, XIV. Morocco (Including Western Sahara and Mauritania), XV. Algeria, XVI. Tunisia, XVII. Libya, XVIII. Egypt, XIX. South Africa, XX. China, XXI. Mongolia, XXII. Thailand, XXIII. Indonesia, XXIV. India/Pakistan, XXV. Jordan, and XXVI. Turkey.

Previous Report (2011)


Advanced Resources International (ARI) is a research and consulting firm providing services related to unconventional gas (coalbed methane - CBM, gas shales, tight sands), enhanced oil recovery (EOR), and carbon sequestration (CO2 sequestration).

ARI's services bring together depth of experience, industry insights and analytic capabilities for the benefit of our worldwide clientele. Our clients include major, independent and national oil and gas companies, coal producers and utilities, technology and service providers, legal and financial firms, research organizations, consortia and academia, policy groups, and governments.

Our team of geoscientists, engineers, and business, and policy analysts provide services that include geologic and engineering studies, project feasibility studies, pilot project implementation and management, strategic planning and market research, policy analysis, and technology research.

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ARI has been a leading provider of consulting services on Carbon Sequestration since the mid-'90s with several current projects.
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The Coal-Seq Consortium is currently seeking expressions of interest for Phase III.
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“EMISSIONS: Senators, think tank form new carbon capture alliance (07/13/2011)”

The potential carbon reductions from enhanced oil recovery could store permanently at least a billion metric tons of carbon dioxide, or about a sixth of the U.S. annual total output, within two decades

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To gain a better understanding of the potential of international shale gas resources, in February, 2011 EIA commissioned an external consultant, Advanced Resources International, Inc. (ARI), to develop an initial set of shale gas resource assessments. This paper briefly describes key results, the report scope and methodology and discusses the key assumptions that underlie the results. The full consultant report, World Shale Gas Resources: An Initial Assessment of 14 Regions Outside the United States ,prepared for EIA is in Attachment A. EIA anticipates using this work to inform other analysis and projections, and to provide a starting point for additional work on this and related topics.
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"U.S. Oil Production Potential from Accelerated Deployment of Carbon Capture and Storage", White Paper, Arlington, VA, March, 2010.
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Mr. Vello A. Kuuskraa, president of Advanced Resources International, was asked to participate in the recent United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP15, "Natural Gas, Renewables and Efficiency: Pathways to a Low-Carbon Economy" sponsored by the American Clean Skies Foundation (ACSF), the UN Foundation (UNF) and the Worldwatch Institute, Copenhagen, December 7 - 18, 2009.

Mr. Kuuskraa's talk entitled "Worldwide Gas Shales and Unconventional Gas: A Status Report", discussed how the discovery and development of gas shales and other unconventional gas resources in North America have led to a "paradigm shift" in the outlook for natural gas and the much larger role it could play in reducing emissions of CO2. Using the North American experience as the example, he discussed how the development of gas shales and unconventional gas could provide similar impacts on energy security and CO2 emission reductions in Europe, China and other areas with large, prospective gas shale basins. Other presenters include Christopher Flavin, president of the Worldwatch Institute, Aubrey McClendon, CEO of Chesapeake Energy, and Senator Timothy E. Wirth, president of the United Nations Foundation. Mr. Kuuskraa's presentation is attached.
“Paradigm Shift in Domestic Natural Gas Resources, Supplies and Costs", prepared and presented by Vello A. Kuuskraa to the EFI Gas-to-Market & Energy Conversion Forum Washington, D.C., September 21, 2009.”
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